Did you switch from iPhoto to the new Photos app?
Please have a look at www.photos-to-disk.com.

iPhoto To Disk overview


If your iPhoto library contains thousands of photos and movies organized in hundreds of events and albums, retrieving your media files may be a challenging experience. This is where iPhoto To Disk can help.

Whether you need to backup your photos or movies to an external hard drive (in a non-proprietary format and possibly including iPhoto metadata) or just want to export your photos or movies for use in other applications, iPhoto To Disk makes it easy.

iPhoto To Disk system requirements
- Mac OS X: version 10.7 (Lion) to version 10.12 (Sierra)
- iPhoto '11: version 9.2 to version 9.6

Snow Leopard (10.6) users can download iPhoto To Disk version 4.1.

iPhoto To Disk is available in English and French.

iPhoto To Disk key features